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7 Top Female Twitch Streamers Live Streaming Games in 2022

Live streaming games on Twitch has grown massively in the past several years, and so has the number of female Twitch streamers who broadcast themselves gaming. Who then are the biggest Twitch streamers that are women?

We did not choose our list of top gamers by the number of views or comments on their Twitch stream. The gamers we did choose are highly skilled at gaming, have entertaining personalities, give insightful commentary, build authentic relationships with their viewers, and produce high-quality live streams that even non-gamers can enjoy watching.

Follow these Seven Female Twitch streamers in 2022

While many female streamers tend to ride games that trend on Steam and Game Pass, these women on our list below stream games for the right reasons. We hope you agree, and perhaps you will learn how to start streaming on Twitch from one of these women, so you end up being featured on our following list in 2023.

  • Twitch Stream # 1: Annemunition

    We’ve mentioned Annemunition before, but it bears showcasing her more. Anne is a highly-skilled FPS player with a punchy personality. She plays most of the popular shooters, including Apex Legends and PUBG. She’s nurtured a welcoming and supportive community that’s inclusive and friendly. On top of this, Anne is a big supporter of the LGBTQ community, leading to her incredibly diverse viewership. As for her personality, she’s got a sharp wit which makes her hilarious without being crass.

annemunition - Popular Twitch Female Streamers

  • Twitch Stream # 2: Fuslie

    While fuslie isn’t exclusively a games streamer, she’s got an undeniable passion for live streaming games. She frequently plays various fun and engaging titles, like Mario Kart. She is also not afraid to try to dive into something less family-friendly like GTA V. On top of that, she’s taken up the eye tracker challenge on several occasions, so checking out her stream when she makes new eye tracker gaming videos is a real treat. Joining Fuslie’s Twitch stream is always fun because of her engaging on-camera personality, fun livestream ideas, and the shenanigans she gets up to both alone and with her gaming friends.

fuslie - Popular Twitch Female Streamers

  • Female Twitch Streamer #3: MissHarvey

    Fans of tactical FPS gaming titles like Valorant and CS:GO should know about MissHarvey. If you don’t know her, you need to give her a follow because she’s the whole package. Her broadcasting is professional with high-quality video and audio. She’s highly engaging with her chat, making everyone feel welcome. Watching her show is incredibly educational as well – which is why we think she’d benefit from adding eye tracking, just saying!. Because of her skill and how she narrates her gameplay, viewers can learn a lot to help them up their game. If you pop by her stream, always feel free to say “hi” because MissHarvey is super friendly.

missharvey - Popular Twitch Female Streamers


  • Female Twitch Streamer #4: Frankie

    What’s there no to say about Frankie Ward? She does it all! From tactical shooters like CS:GO to Battle Royales like PUBG. The real show, though, is when she’s in the mood to bust a move in Just Dance. Not to mention how big of a treat you’ll get when she shows off her baking skills. Beyond her Twitch stream, Frankie’s an esports caster, so you know that her analytical and communication skills are going to be off the charts. 

frankie - Popular Twitch Female Streamers


  • Female Twitch Streamer #5: beMint

    Fans of simulator games, especially Microsoft Flight Simulator, may want to keep an eye on this lesser-known female streamer. With the growing popularity of live streaming simulation games on Twitch, content creators like beMint finally have their time to shine. Her approachable and chill personality makes for a show with a fantastic vibe. She’s friendly and welcoming to her Twitch stream viewers with top-notch chat engagement.

beMint - Popular Twitch Female Streamers


  • Female Twitch Streamer #6: Sharpie

    There are many fighting game community (FGC) top female streamers out there, but we just had to give a shoutout to Sharpie. While she’s an absolute beast at the indie team fighter Skullgirls, she’s also known to kick ass in other popular titles like Tekken 7. Personality-wise, Sharpie is a fun-loving personality who’s never afraid to speak her mind. She’s a regular Skullgirls commentator, which means she’s good at analyzing her gameplay, which is great for viewers still learning the ropes. Beyond all this, Sharpie is a wonderful social media personality to follow across the spectrum of platforms and has a highly inclusive mindset.

DaPurpleSharpie - Popular Twitch Female Streamers


  • Female Twitch Streamer #7: ItsHafu

    There’s no doubt that in the world of Hearthstone, Hafu is an absolute legend. Not only is she one of the best in her category, but also she’s one of the top female streamers, period. A warm personality who’s always smiling and speaking her mind, Hafu is a joy to watch for hours. Her specialty is Hearthstone Arena, where she spends a lot of time discussing her card choices and making good deck-building decisions. Besides Hearthstone, Hafu is a big World of Warcraft player and a general strategy enthusiast. She’s also got a solid camera presence, making her an engaging person to watch and interact with all throughout.

itsHafu - Popular Twitch Female Streamers

Do you agree with our picks of top women Twitch streamers to watch in 2022?

There are plenty of top female streamers like STPeach, Kaceytron, Kyedae, Stream Hatchet, and Pokimane who make incredible videos worth following. The above list of female live streamers is just the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you’re a female streamer yourself or a content creator of any gender, we firmly believe these seven gamers will add a ton of gaming entertainment to your life.

What live streamers do you recommend to watch in 2022? Will Twitch still reign supreme over live stream platforms for gamers like XSplit, Parsec, or Rainway? Will trends like eye tracking software for gaming grow? And which video game genres will trend?

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