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How to Become a Simulator Games Streamer – From Zero to Hero

Gaming live streamers always want ways to grow their Twitch and YouTube simulations games audience. From simple tweaks to their live stream Twitch overlays to using powerful technology like gaming eye tracker software, the simulation game streaming journey has many avenues. 

When it comes to picking simulator games to stream from their Gamepass or Steam accounts, there’s no straight answer. Popular sim game titles like Star Citizen or Dayz are oversaturated with live streamers, but there’s a bigger simulation game audience to tap into.

On the other hand, choosing to live stream less popular sim games can mean more exposure within a less sizable pool of gamers. The only proven formula is getting in from the ground floor while certain games and genres are still considered niche. One such category is simulator games like BeamNG Drive and Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS) with their sizeable subreddits. While it may sound daunting getting into streaming games based on authenticity and oftentimes expensive sim racing rigs, augmented reality game controllers, and HOTAS. There are simple steps you can take to become a sim streamer hero.

What defines a simulation game?

Whether it’s taking to the skies, driving through tracks, or even emulating real-life, sim games are about providing realism. From the moment you boot up a simulator title like or DCS World, you’re thrust into the experience of being a driver or a pilot. Forget the more lenient handling of the Need for Speed series. Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator isn’t like Ace Combat or Project Wingman, where you can ignore the laws of drag and lift.

We’re not going to lie. Playing sim games is going to feel like an alien and unforgiving experience to a traditional gamer. Stick with it, though, and your stream can benefit from the switch.

What is the purpose of simulation game streaming?

Team of teenage gamers plays in a multiplayer video game on pc in a gaming club.

Simulation games are a mix of titles from various genres that make up their own niche and are currently growing in popularity on Twitch. As with any title or game category, sims have their own audiences, likely looking for more streamers to follow. And you could be one of them.

The main benefit here is that you’ll tap into a new crowd of gamers. Sim enthusiasts like those who call themselves Hoggits, in particular, are pretty keen to help new sim gamers out. So, if you’re new to the genre, you’d have immediate opportunities to show off your chat interaction chops. 

Because the sim space is quite broad, you’re also not locked into one particular title (unless you want to be). You can play Formula 1 for a while, then switch it up with Dirt Rally 2.0 or even some Euro Truck Simulator 2 with Nightmare_SE.

Finally, sim gamers are known for having elaborate sim rig setups to make their experiences as immersive as possible. Your newly found followers will, therefore, be eager to check out your sim racing wheel or flight simulation cockpit, giving you a chance to run a house or gaming PC setup tour stream. Simulated games also allow gamers to showcase new technologies, such as the SmoothTrack or Eyeware Beam head tracking apps that lets you control the in-game camera with your actual head movements.

Head Tracking Software- The Secret Sauce to Sim Game Live Streaming


ETS2 head tracking app

In a previous article about gaming with a head tracking app, we’ve looked at how head tracker software can enhance your simulation gaming experience. Suffice to say, Star Citizen, War Thunder, and Elite Dangerous head tracking is a game-changer. Head tracking enables you to use your head as your camera’s look control, effectively giving you a VR-like experience without the bulky hardware. Though you can look into head tracking with TrackIR from Natural Point, Trackhat, DelanClip, and Tobii hardware-based head trackers if you have hundreds of dollars to spend.

Though that is not necessary with the Eyeware Beam app demonstrated in the video below. 

What eye tracker do streamers use?

The iOS head and eye tracker app works with computer vision algorithms and machine perception AI technology that generates a robust eye tracking signal and accurate 6DOF head pose in 3D space comparable to premium TrackIR or Tobii tracking hardware. As a result, Eyeware Beam turns your Face ID-supported iPhone or iPad, with a built-in TrueDepth camera, into a reliable, precise, multi-purpose head and eye tracking device.

The app makes use of 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) head tracking technology to deliver accurate head movements to 190+ OpenTrack compatible PC games. It is also useful to point out that the app also includes an eye tracker. The Eyeware Beam eye tracker app is what steamers use more commonly each day. Click the download button below to get it on the app store.

What makes the eye and head tracking technology particularly good for sim streamers is how immersed the audience becomes. They see the head movement instantly being translated to looking around cockpits, and it’s like watching the game through their eyes. Twitch Streamers like nightmare_se already using the app in their sim game streams and you can see how immersive the experience looks by checking out his Euro Truck Simulator 2 stream. You’ll also find all of the benefits of heading tracking software for gaming with ETS2 / ATS as an example of how it works in truck simulator games.

nighmare_se Twitch streaming ETS2

If this is all sounding exciting yet quite daunting, fear not. Becoming a simulator game streamer is relatively straightforward.

Steps to becoming a sim games streamer


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  • Find the right simulation game niche and stick to it

When you start as a sim gamer, finding games that resonate with your taste is essential. Before committing to any big purchases, it’s vital to give a few games a try. After all, if you’re not having fun with your game, your audience will be able to tell. There are many great simulator games for PC to choose from, so there’s bound to be something out there that you’ll enjoy.

Once you’ve found a sim game you like, stick to playing it both on and off stream. Don’t be afraid to be a noob, as your sim followers will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

  • Watch other game streamers who play simulation games

What makes a good stream is always a matter of personal taste, and the same goes for sim racing, flight sim, space sim, and FPS sim games. However, it’s never a bad idea to get a feel for what the livestreaming audience is accustomed to and put your own spin on it. A few examples are an eye tracker overlay, custom HUD status bar, and overall theme.

To that effect, you should check out a few sim streamers out there, even those streaming different games from your own. PaulKozinski, for instance, is a Microsoft Flight Simulator streamer who dresses up as a pilot when he takes to the virtual skies. Some streamers get into the spirit of things with steering wheels like Tiametmarduk does when he plays F1 2020. 

  • Join your sim game’s online community on reddit and game forums

Once you start exploring the simulation games space, you’ll notice how friendly and welcoming everyone is. Because of how tightly knit each sim title’s community is, players are always eager to dispense knowledge to newcomers. This level of openness allows you to join your chosen games’ communities to get help and showcase your progress.

  • Carve out your sim game niche

Because of how open-ended sim games are, there’s a lot of room for creativity. The streamers we mentioned earlier have carved out their own little niche audiences, and you can do the same. Find what you enjoy the most about playing sim games and make that the focal point of your streams. If head tracking in games is your thing, then you can be the streamer that focuses on the tech side of simulators, for example.

  • Start small with streaming gear

As we discussed in another article, live streaming gear should be something to acquire slowly. The same applies to simulation game streaming. Don’t go overboard from the very beginning, buying up all the best stuff. Start with the bare essentials, and then gradually work your way through our handy priority list below. You’re already a step ahead with OBS Studio and other broadcasting software.

The Streaming Equipment You Need To Broadcast Your Simulation Games 

head tracking & eye tracking for your iPhones & iPads

  • 6DOF head tracking app: turn your head into a game controller   

Since the sim games streaming space is still quite niched, using a head tracker is an excellent opportunity to stand out. 

iPhone head tracking is quite simple to set up. Once you start gaming with a head tracker, you’ll find that it increases your virtual avatar’s field of view with seamless reliability, adding another layer of depth to your gaming simulator.

On top of head tracking, Eyeware Beam is the first all-in-one head and eye tracking software. Engage your audience on another level adding the eye gaze bubble overlay to make epic reaction videos, game reviews, walkthroughs, eyetracker challenges, ASMR, how-to, and tutorial videos. The eye tracking bubble overlay lets you convey where you focus your attention effortlessly when you share your screen.

  • Sim game controllers

tb velocityone flight.0

Once you’re confident you’ve found a game or several games you enjoy playing on stream, you can splurge for a specialized gaming controller. Sim racing steering wheels and Hotas flight sticks come in many shapes and sizes. What you’ll want to pay attention to is whether they fit your simulation rig.

  • Multi-cam setup

live stream multiple cameras

Twitch audiences love to see more than just your face. If you’ve managed to pick up a decent wheel or joystick, your next step is to show it off with a multi-cam setup. You don’t even need to buy an extra camera, as apps like Epoccam by Elgato can turn your phone into a decent webcam.

  • Green screen for game streamers

Untitled design 52

Streamers like the nightmare_se mentioned above make their sim streams a lot more immersive by green screening. There are some excellent options that are pretty pricey, but if you don’t want to break the bank, you can make your own green screen on the cheap.

  • Simulator rig for racing, driving, and flight sims

0002844 sim rig ii 550

What sim gaming questions do you have left to ask?

Finally, the big pièce de résistance for your sim streaming setup is a simulator rig. This nifty chair contraption is the absolute last thing you should consider because getting a decent one is pricey. Once you’ve firmly stepped into the world of sim gaming, though, and you can save up some money, this can be an absolute showstopper when combined with multi-cam streaming.

Turn Your Webcam into an Eye Tracker in Minutes