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How Head Tracking Software Will Boost Your Sim Gaming to the Next Level

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Simulation games are some of the most immersive experiences money can buy

The appeal of losing yourself in a sim is unmatched, save for the real thing. While most video games will put you in the sim plane cockpit behind the sim racing wheel of a car, it’s PC simulators that will give you the closest possible feel.

They achieve this by emulating real physics, functions, and circumstances. Therefore, it’s part of the experience to get specialized controllers and equipment like a gaming 4k monitor to enjoy your gaming to the fullest. You can go one step further by using head tracking software.

Now, you might be wondering if sim games are a niche genre worth getting into, and the answer is yes. Simulation software and games are more popular than they’ve ever been, with some pretty big updates and releases on the horizon.

Microsoft Flight Simulator gets a big update

The great minds at Asobo Studio recently demonstrated a big update coming to their popular flight simulator. This update aims to dramatically improve the game’s performance on PC as well as both the Xbox Series X and S.

Sim games are known to be resource-hungry. During the livestream event, the CEO of Asobo, Sebastian Wloch, discussed the improvements they made to the games engine. In a particular instance, he pointed out how “the memory of the system is down to 14 GB, and the sim is down from 16 GB to 4.7 GB. Frame rate is 50, or 54.” By rewriting some of the game’s engine, they were able to cut down on how much computing power Flight Simulator takes up. He went on to state that his team expects most gaming rigs will benefit from these updates.

The big update will also include World Update V, which will primarily focus on Nordic countries. Through careful attention to detail, Asobo were able to further improve the stunning vistas of regions such as Sweden and Norway. With 100 new airports and 77 new points of interest, this update is shaping up to be one of the best the sim has seen yet.

ETS 2 and ATS convoy

Both sim games about driving trucks and delivering cargo will be receiving an incredible new multiplayer update. Convoy mode will allow you and your friends to take on the same job at the same time. Outside of your truck driving prowess, you’ll need to synchronize yourselves as you navigate through traffic and deal with challenging weather conditions. SCS Software have disclosed that you can set up private sessions in both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Your friends will then be able to join you on a cross-country cruise to get delivery jobs done. As you’ll be joining a friend’s session, it means that traffic AI and weather conditions will be entirely in sync. You’ll even be able to communicate with each other via the in-game CB broadcaster. All of this is coming to game update 1.41.

F1 2021 is released

The latest entry in EA’s long-standing Formula 1 simulator series is finally out, and it’s looking like the best yet. F1 2021 brings new improvements to the game’s already excellent formula as well as changes to the career mode experience.

Following in the footsteps of other EA sports titles, F1 2021 will feature a story mode titled Braking Point. You’ll also be able to enjoy both Career and Real-Season Start in both single and two-player modes. On top of that, split-screen capabilities will allow you and your friends to race side-by-side on the couch. All of this comes on top of a slew of other changes and enhancements to the classic F1 2020 sim experience.

So, now that you know of all the latest sim news, it’s time to learn how head tracking software can make the experience even better.

What is Head Tracking Software?

Simply put, head tracking software allows you to see around your game environment naturally. It achieves this by, well, tracking your head. Through this tech, you’ll add a whole new level of immersion to your sim game experience.

Head tracking software essentially allows for what is called 6 Degrees of Freedom. This phenomenon mimics the freedom in which we move our heads, effectively allowing us to use them as a means to look around in a virtual environment.

While the same experience can be achieved using bulky VR headsets, head tracking software removes the need for such expensive hardware. In fact, you can make looking around your game surroundings as natural as moving your head by downloading an app on your phone.

How to Get Started with Head Tracking in Sim Games


eye tracking & head tracking software for iPhones and iPads Eyeware Beam

Eyeware Beam is a free beta app for iPhones and iPads that will turn your mobile device into a remote head tracking and eye tracking device. By using the TrueDepth technology found on Apple’s latest devices, Beam is able to give you accurate tracking of your head so take your sim gaming to the next level.

All you need to do is download Beam to your phone or tablet, set it up in front of you, and you’re ready to take to the skies, roads, and tracks with your full immersion setup. 

Final thoughts on Sim gaming

“Sim gaming gear is expensive enough, with controllers and rigs costing an arm and a leg. Your head tracking software doesn’t need to add to your wallet’s burden. Eyeware Beam is the most affordable way to add an extra layer of immersion to your sims.”

Turn Your Webcam into an Eye Tracker in Minutes