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Gaming Extensions for the Beam Eye Tracker

Discover extensions that use Beam to elevate your gaming experience. Harness external apps like OpenTrack for immersive game camera control via head movements, and the Minimap Awareness Trainer to fine-tune your minimap-checking skills like a pro. These gaming extensions empower players and developers alike, opening the door to limitless possibilities for gameplay enhancement and immersion.

Gaming ExtensionDescriptionLearn MorePriceSetup Guide
OpenTrackOpentrack, enhanced with Eyeware Beam head tracking, is a software that translates head movements captured by webcams into in-game actions, creating immersive gaming experiences in 200+ games. Click hereFree🔗
Beam Eye Tracker iOS appUse the Beam Eye Tracker iOS app extension on your FaceID-enabled iPhone or iPad to transfer processing tasks from your computer, significantly reducing its workload to nearly zero. Take advantage of the TrueDepth 3D selfie camera and our patented 3D algorithms to improve calibration robustness and accuracy.Click hereFree🔗
Minimap Awareness TrainerThe Minimap Awareness Trainer is a tool that uses eye tracking technology to improve gamers' awareness of the minimap in popular PC games. It reminds players to check the minimap within a specified time, helping them coordinate with their team, prevent attacks, and plan strategies better. It also works for games without a minimap by reminding players to check important elements like gears and ammo.Click hereFree🔗
Beam SDKUse our eye tracking SDK to build your own app. Turn webcams and iPhones into eye trackers without extra hardware. Share it with us, and we'll help advertise it to the Beam Community.Click hereFree🔗
GazeReplay***Coming soon*** GazeReplay adds eye tracking to your game recordings, highlighting attention issues like tunnelling. It's designed for personal and team reviews and works smoothly with your favorite recording software.Join the WaitlistFree