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Eye Tracker Improves Your MOBA Minimap Awareness | League of Legends (LOL)

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A MOBA Minimap Awareness Trainer provides valuable feedback to gamers in League of Legends, Dota 2, and other popular PC games. The open-source Python / QT web application uses Eyeware Beam’s eye tracking technology to remind esports gamers to check the minimap. The app tracks a gamer’s visual attention with eye tracking to check whether the gamer has looked at the minimap within a specified amount of time. A visual or audio alarm alerts the gamer If he or she forgets to look at the minimap within the specified time.

The minimap tool is useful in even useful in games without a minimap like Overwatch and Smite, helping you improve by reminding the gamer to check gears and ammo.

How does this tool help me become a better gamer?

Improving map awareness helps gamers and their teams coordinate or prevent enemy attacks, and plan successful strategies, among other uses.

Eye tracking technology

The current implementation uses the Eyeware Beam iOS app that turns a Face ID-supported iPhone or iPad, with a built-in TrueDepth camera, into a reliable, precise, multi-purpose head and eye tracking device for a Windows PC.

The eye tracker uses proprietary computer vision algorithms and machine perception AI technology that generates a robust eye tracking signal comparable to premium TrackIR or Tobii tracking devices. The minimap tool needs access to the Eyeware beam API which is a paid feature through an in-app purchase.

How to get started

  1. Download the latest release on Github
  2. Unzip and run minimap_trainer.exe
  3. If the eye tracker is running and API is accessible (see the previous section), then the user interface should display “Connected to eye tracker…”
  4. Click on Set minimap location allowing you to indicate where the minimap is in your game by a click-move-and-release action. Press Esc when ready.


  5. Configure your alarm/trainer settings:
  6. Set the “Alarm timeout (seconds)”, which is the time you will be allowed not to look at the minimap, before an alarm is triggered. Every time you look at the minimap, the time count is reset and no alarm is triggered. So keep looking at the minimap once in a while! The volume is the volume of the alarm. You can also check/uncheck if you want a visual indicator (a flashing red square on the minimap location)image
  7. Click on Start


You need to download the Eyeware Beam SDK and further configure your PYTHONPATH as explained in the documentation. Alternatively, you can unzip the folder and copy the contents of API/python on the root of this repo.

Run it from the source

Type in a command line:

 conda activate minimap_env
 python minimap_trainer.py

Create an executable

To create an executable, simply run:

 pyinstaller minimap_trainer.py --noconfirm --noconsole --add-data="alarm.mp3;."

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