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Top 5 AR and VR Apps for PC Gamers to Interact With Virtual Environments

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Immersive technologies are all the rage nowadays, especially with the metaverse being in the spotlight. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have seen rapid growth with applications in all sectors, including gaming. The VR Developers’ leading innovation within the virtual reality sphere delivers a whole new dimension and adds realism to simulation games and experiences. 

With the release of virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR, virtual reality developers have been able to create new and immersive experiences for gamers. One aspect of VR development that is still being explored is how to accurately track a gamer’s eye movements.

Eye tracking technology can provide valuable feedback for esports gamers and their followers, allowing them to see where they are looking and make changes accordingly.

You don’t even need to own a bulky headset in many cases. Smartphones have come a long way in terms of camera technology, allowing for the creation of genuinely innovative VR and AR apps.

Whether you’re a traditional gamer, an enthusiast of all forms of gaming, or even a creator, there’s something the immersive technology space has to offer you.

1) Eyeware Beam Head & Eye Tracker

 Let’s explore how eye tracking is being used in VR development and what benefits it can bring to developers and users alike. Immersive technologies aim to enhance your experiences, whether real or virtual. Eyeware Beam is a gaming application for mobile phones that can help you take your gaming skills and experiences to the next level. Its eye-tracker capabilities allow you to overlay a gaze bubble over your game screen to capture your visual attention.

The eye tracker overlay can give you new ways to immerse your audience into your live stream as a streamer on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube, and virtually any platform. We suggest pairing the VR app for iPhones with video recording and live streaming software like OBS Studio to broadcast your gameplay.

Esports and competitive players will appreciate Eyeware Beam’s eye tracking that provides you with vital information about your visual attention, giving you insight into how you can optimize your performance in League of Legends, Fortnite, and other popular esports games for PC.

Eyeware Beam

The Eyeware Beam app comes with head-tracking features that pair well with OpenTrack PC software to provide head tracking as an input in PC games. With the mobile app’s 6 six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) technology, gamers can use the app to control their camera inside the game with their head movements. The head tracking is best to use with simulation games, like Microsoft Flight Simulator, DayZ, and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

It adds a more realistic layer of immersion that requires no bulky headsets or expensive pieces of equipment. It would be best to have your iPhone or iPad with FaceID and the Eyeware Beem app, and then you’re off to the races.

2) The Machines

When you are in the mood for some real-time strategy mayhem, you can’t go wrong with The Machines. Ever since its debut, it has been a great addition to the best iPhone AR apps list. It’s so impressive that even Apple has already shown it off on stage at iPhone launches. By giving this competitive multiplayer co-op strategy game a go, you’ll quickly realize why so many people get sucked into its virtual tabletop warfare madness.

It’s like putting games like Dawn of War in your living room. You fight against other people either online or in the same room, shooting at each other and destroying virtual bases as you do so. What’s particularly impressive are the game’s audio features. When you rotate your device, the sound of the game changes based on things in the real world that would obstruct or distort it, it’s an incredible little detail that makes the most of augmented reality.

3) Dungeon Maker

If you want to indulge the sadistic side of your creativity, then Dungeon Maker is for you. It’s a mixed reality app on Meta Quest 2 that enables you to turn your home into a fantasy dungeon. The app leverages the passthrough features of the Quest 2 to allow you to transform your living space into a gauntlet of traps, spikes, blades, and other tools of pain. Once it’s all set up, you or your friends can walk through your creation while trying to avoid the deathtraps you’ve laid out.

At the moment, Dungeon Maker isn’t officially on the Meta Quest 2 store. You’ll need to sideload it via the SideQuest app on your phone or PC. There’s still a lot more to be built into it as well. There are no real consequences from stepping into a spike-filled trap or getting sliced up by a swinging guillotine. However, the developers are hard at work at implementing ways to score your apartment dungeon runs of death.

4) Blade & Sorcery

To call Blade & Sorcery a game at this stage would be a bit of an overstatement. Though it needs a lot more work, this title is one of the most intriguing and engaging combat apps on Quest 2. In this physics-based sandbox, you can fight waves of enemies in an arena mode. Here, you can feel the variety of weapons at your disposal and how their weight is simulated. You can also sneak through dungeons in a new, more linear exploration mode that showcases traversal in VR, such as climbing ropes and evading detection.

What’s impressive about Blade & Sorcery is its focus on real-world physics rules that govern how you can interact with objects and the app’s environment. Weapons need to be swung or thrust with force and deliberate motions, making them feel genuine. On top of that, it has a lot of fun magic options, such as spells that can kill gravity and make your enemies float helplessly until you cut them down. Finally, the devs have opened up mod support which has opened up the app to a slew of cool new ways to expand its capabilities and weapon offerings.

5) Demeo

VR and AR technology has been implemented for several typical gamer-focused applications. One less expected is tabletop RPGs. Enter Demeo is an immersive four-player VR pen-and-paper RPG experience that makes it feel like an actual social event that a flatscreen game can’t replicate.

You pick a class and dive into randomly generated dungeons similar to those in Dungeons & Dragons. You can join pick-up groups or assemble your buddies to form a party and venture forth. The app’s various adventures are very hard, so sessions can last from a few minutes to several hours. At the moment, it feels relatively thin, but with more content, Demeo will only get better. It’s already been one of the best Oculus Quest apps and has carried on as one of the best Meta Quest 2 experiences.

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