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Top 6 Content Ideas That Will Actually Jazz Up Your Livestream

The purpose of a livestream is to entertain your viewers.

While you may have a great routine, it’s normal for it to get old from time to time. Finding creative content ideas, though, is like walking into a new candy store; it’s impossible to decide which ones to pick. Trying something different that will enliven your livestream should be fun. It shouldn’t give you choice fatigue and uncertainty.

So, we’ve put together a list of the easiest ways to jazz up your content that will excite your viewers.

Stream Your House & Setup Tour

Streaming setup home

Your viewers only ever see your face and your game. That creates a slight air of mystery, like watching a play and not knowing what’s behind the curtain. They want to know more about you. Giving your viewers a peek at what’s hiding behind the camera is a great way to bring them into your world.

It doesn’t even matter if your space is that interesting. People are naturally curious about how others live. It makes us all relate better to one another. So, if you’re going to try one thing on this list, it should be a house and setup tour. And while you are here, check out Pokimane’s 2021 tour.

But don’t just give all the milk away in one go. Start by showing off the area they know exists immediately around you during your livestream and work your way up from there. An excellent idea is to also prepare a few anecdotes about your stuff – nothing too intimate, though!

Get Creative & Silly

live streaming man doing a handstand

Our favorite content creator that does this is none other than Markiplier. In fact, Mark is the king of creativity. He started as a Let’s Player but years later, he transitioned towards doing comedic stuff. Now he does a lot of skits and cooking videos, as well as animation.

That last idea is an excellent place to start. Stream yourself cooking a recipe you’ve never tried before. You don’t cook? Even better. The point isn’t to look like Gordon Ramsay. It’s for you to do something that will likely lead to unexpected situations.

Impart Your Knowledge & Skills

gamer live streaming

We have written a lot about how bringing value to your audience is key to building a high-quality stream. Nothing says value like receiving new knowledge and skills. As a streamer, you’re demonstrating skills that your viewers would also like to have. You know aspects of your game that they may be missing. Whatever the case may be, running training streams is one of the most engaging pieces of live content you can make.

You don’t even need to be a full-on pro player to impart knowledge. Viewers will latch onto something that you’re doing better than them and will ask how you pull it off. That’s your opportunity to show them the ropes.

The tools for teaching your viewers are also entirely within your reach. It’s becoming increasingly popular to use eye tracking software to enhance the learning experience of viewers. Click To Tweet
Eyeware Beam is an iOS beta app that’s completely free and requires no other equipment besides your mobile device. Download it today here.

Host a Quiz for Your Viewers

Q & A quiz for live streaming

Nothing beats monotony like a good old-fashioned quiz. We don’t know what it is about these simple question-and-answer games, but people love them. Even better, the internet makes it super easy to run a quiz on your live stream.

The best tool is Kahoot, and it’s free. You can browse from a selection of ready-made quizzes, or you can make your own. You can then set it up in team mode or solo, and all your viewers need is their phone or browser to take part.

What topic should you choose for your quiz? The sky’s the limit, really. A lot of streamers start with questions about themselves, and it almost always ends up being hilarious. Bonus: it’s also an engaging way for your viewers to learn more about you.

Tell Life-Changing Stories

own your story

Humanity has evolved over the centuries on the backs of stories. It’s why so many narrative mediums survive, even when there are more advanced alternatives. Telling an engaging story is a powerful way to entertain your viewers.

We know “engaging” is a big word so let us make this easier. Tell stories that changed your life in some way. The wonderful people of the Story Worthy Podcast talk about this a lot. We all have stories that have changed our worldview, our opinions, and our thoughts somehow. Think about events that made a difference in your life and tell the tales that led up to them.

Run a Review or Critique Stream

streamer reviewing other streams on laptop

This one is a bit more open-ended, but there is a core principle. People love to hear opinions, especially when it flies in the face of their own. Running a review stream is second to none when it comes to this. There are a few different directions you can take.

Community reviews are the absolute best for viewer engagement. Gather something your viewers have created – from artistic projects to memes about you – and talk about them on your stream. Dabesjared does these types of streams, and they’re some of the funniest content we’ve ever seen.

You can also review stuff you find across the internet. It can be content, products, media, and anything else. The key is that they need to be unusual in some way. For instance, you can go on Kickstarter and share your thoughts on some of the crazier projects on the platform, or hey, you could even review Beam and share your thoughts on it. We think that would be killer content too, but hey, don’t take our word for it.

And that wraps it up! We hope you learned something but don’t leave it marinating in your head.
Go out there and try some of these tips out for yourself.

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