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Top 7 Content Creators That Bring Value to Their Community in 2021

Search for top content creators and streamers, and you’ll likely find lists containing the usual suspects.

High viewer numbers and big payout are great, but they don’t guarantee you’ll get value out of their content. Good value comes in the form of entertainment as well as education, learning, and great discussions.

If you’re looking for content creators that fit this description, we’ve scoured the internet to find out the top content creators based on the value they bring to their community in 2021.


There are a lot of fighting game content creators who’ll help you learn their games. None, though, are as approachable and easy-going as Brian_F. Mainly a Street Fighter V pro, Brian will break down aspects of the game’s fundamentals and strategy. He also dabbles in other titles to showcase his learning process. At the same time, Brian answers questions from the chat and does some viewer replay analysis to help you level up your game. He’s also been working on mastering the art of meme-making, so when you see him bust out MS Paint on stream, be prepared for some hilarity.

Anne Munition

A hidden gem of the FPS content creator world, Anne Munition should be on everyone’s follow list. Her sharp wit adds a comedy layer to her gameplay that is second to none, and that doesn’t come at the expense of her skills. Whether she’s playing Overwatch, Escape from Tarkov, or Rainbow Six Siege, you can learn a lot by watching Anne wreck house. On top of all this, her chat and community are friendly and welcoming. Even with her numbers, she’s always engaging and discussing with her viewers, making even newcomers feel right at home.


The lion’s share of League of Legends pros is streaming on Twitch these days. If you are looking to take your skills to the next level, though, you’ll want to check out Caedrel. A former pro-turned content creator and analyst, Caedrel knows League inside out and uses various tools to showcase his gameplay and analyze replays. His delivery is always highly entertaining, filled with clever jokes and witty comments without ever reaching vulgarity. He’s also one of the few LoL content creators that use an eye tracker. This piece of technology places a bubble on the screen that follows his eyes. That way, you can see where Caedrel sets his attention as he tears it up in Summoner’s Rift.

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If you enjoy deep and detailed discussions about the over environments and atmosphere of games, then you’ll love ThreeDogg. He primarily plays action-oriented single-player games, such as Bloodborne and the Metal Gear Solid series. During his playthroughs, he spends a lot of time commenting and analyzing his surroundings, making for some entertaining conversations with his chat. On top of that, he takes his time in his deep dives, so it’s easy to follow even if you show up part-way through his stream.


It’s impossible to talk about recommended gaming content creators and not include Day9TV. This old hat of the gaming world does it all. He’s as funny as a stand-up comedian while also being a master of strategy and analyzing it. Very few content creators can match Day9’s level of charisma and charm, which allows him to educate his viewers engagingly. On top of that, he’s a game designer himself, so the knowledge comes from the horse’s mouth. If you’re looking for the whole package of strategy and card game streams, Day9 is your boy.


It’s incredibly tough to be a speed-runner and engage with chat at the same time. Elajjaz makes it seem effortless, though. This Soulsborne and variety content creator has a knack and passion for finding glitches and exploits that help him zip through games in a flash. At the same time, he’s able to spend a lot of time discussing and explaining things with his chat. Whether you’re a veteran gaming speedster or a budding newcomer looking to cut their teeth in the world of fast gaming, Elajjaz is a content creator you shouldn’t skip. A true speed-run streamer for the masses.


With many streamers and content creators choosing the vulgar, rage gamer path, one must wonder if there are any wholesome people to watch. Enter TigerWriter. This variety streamer is described by his community as the sweetest guy ever. While dabbling in all kinds of different games, he engages his chat in thought-provoking discussions. There’s never a dull stream when TigerWriter has some exciting topics that aim to rattle your brain with a fresh perspective on all aspects of life. Over the years, he’s managed to foster one of the friendliest communities on Twitch. It’s hard not to feel the good vibes of his chat, especially when he injects some of his artistic pursuits into the mix.

Popular streamers are all fine and well. However, the actual value of content creation lies in the ability to give something back to the community. The streamers we listed do precisely that. Their streams and content are all about the viewers, whether it’s leveling them up through tools like eye trackers or making them think via good discussions and positive vibes.