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Eye Tracking Challenge: Where’s Waldo Edition

What is the Where’s Waldo eye tracking challenge?

The point of this fun hidden object game is to find Waldo, while an eye tracking overlay bounces around the PC monitor showing exactly where you are looking in real-time. Viewers see what the participant sees in one of the latest augmented reality-like free hidden object games. 

Watch the first DIY eye tracker challenge vs. Wally for one of the most fun livestream ideas that are not yet played out in 2022!

Eye tracking challenges are a gold mine for live streamers and content creators. The viral social media activity is about avoiding looking at a predetermined subject on your computer screen. At the same time, an eye tracker overlay reveals your eye gaze in real-time on the screen.  

Not only is the eye tracker challenge entertaining for your live stream viewers, but these viral challenge videos fit into any content creator’s niche. While TikTok and YouTube are full of overdone challenges, the eye tracking challenge is the first and only immersive experience.

We flipped the eye tracking challenge concept around. Rather than avoiding Waldo, we challenge you to find Waldo as fast as possible in the Where’s Waldo Eye Tracking Challenge.

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How to set up the Where’s Waldo eye tracking challenge


You’ll need to set up an eye tracker to show your viewers where your eyes are looking.

Eyeware Beam app for iPhone and iPad users is the most accessible and affordable way to set yourself up with this technology.

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You’ll only need your Windows 10 PC and phone, as shown in the quickstart setup guide. No virtual reality head set, VR goggles, or extra hardware is needed.


It would be best if you set up your Waldo images with the free Where’s Waldo PC software from the Windows Store.

It works like an interactive slideshow and has a fairly sizeable collection of Waldo scenes. Alternatively, you can look for scans and add them to a PowerPoint or other slideshow app.


Once you have the eye tracker app set up, you’ll refer to the eye tracker guide for more information.


From there on, it’s a matter of setting up these elements in the free and open-source OBS Studio software for video recording and live streaming. Or choose an alternative broadcasting software of your choice. 

As a final note, be sure to give your viewers plenty of context on what you’re doing before you begin. 

Explaining the rules of the challenge and abiding by them will ensure they’ll have just as good of a time watching as you’ll have doing the eye tracking challenge.


What is Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo (or Wally in some places) is a collection of books where your objective is to find the book’s character, Waldo. Each page illustrates a scene overflowing with goofy characters and wacky situations.

Within this sea of craziness lies Waldo, hidden away in more or less conspicuous ways. Sometimes he’s in plain sight. Other times all that is visible is his head. It can be a lot of fun when you’re timing yourself and competing. 

Waldo Where Is He

What is the Where’s Waldo eye tracker challenge?

The eye tracking challenge involves putting yourself on a time limit to try and find Waldo within the most challenging and complex scenes in the entire book collection. Because the game consists in using your eyes, it’s a perfect opportunity to use the eye tracker to show your viewers where you’re looking.

What can make it fun is picking a particular strategy for finding Waldo and seeing how well you perform. It can be even more engaging for your live stream viewers to compare your approach to those employed by other content creators. Some say it’s comparable to augmented or virtual reality without specialized equipment.


What are the rules of the challenge?

The rules of the Where’s Waldo challenge are pretty straightforward. First, you must use pages from a Waldo book that you’ve never seen or completed before. It’s not a challenge if you know where he is already, right?

Your chosen pages need to be quite complex. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the characters look on the scene, the more complex the image. It is understandable that the video challenge feels like a maze game because it is a hidden object game. Google Maps won’t help you find Wally either!

Finally, you need to set a time limit.

Waldo Instructions

We’ve chosen 2 minutes as it’s enough time to work your way through each scene several times while also putting enough pressure on you to make it all challenging. If you fail one scene, you can try a few more times, depending on its complexity.

Why should I do the Where’s Waldo Eye Tracker Video Challenge?

The most obvious reason for giving the Waldo eye tracker challenge a try is that it’s a fun live stream idea. It can be suspenseful for your audience to see if you’re going to make it within the time limit. Thanks to your Eyeware Beam eye tracker, it’s also easy for them to see where your eyes are looking so they can laugh when you’re getting it wrong.

The eye tracking challenge is also great for getting your other streamer and content creator friends involved. Once you complete it, you can call them out on social media to beat your record. You could even run collaborative live streams where you’re doing the challenge at the same time, head-to-head style. These types of streams almost always lead to new followers.

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