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Beam Eye Tracker 2.0: New Branding, Multi-Camera Support

Beam Eye Tracker 2.0 Release

Beam Eye Tracker 2.0: New Branding, Multi-Camera Support

Beam Eye Tracker 2.0 offers simplified branding, unified Webcam & iOS Edition, sleek design & dominant eye tracking. No Webcam! No Problem.

We've enhanced user experience and simplified branding by merging our iOS and Webcam editions into a streamlined app. Now, it's easier to start with support for more input devices, including webcam apps and the iOS Beam Eye Tracker app extension, broadening accessibility and convenience for all users.

Simplified Branding, Unified Webcam & iOS Edition

The app has been rebranded to Beam Eye Tracker (by Eyeware) and now merges webcam and iOS editions into one comprehensive solution.
The Beam Eye Tracker iOS app now serves as an extension to the Beam Eye Tracker enabling Face ID-equipped iPads/iPhones to function as eye trackers. This is a free upgrade. You can now offload processing and improve calibration robustness.
The iOS app extension also acts as a virtual camera. You can use your iOS device as a regular webcam for other applications as well. Note: performance depends on network speed.

UX Improvements

  • Updated user interface for a more sleek, modern look.
  • When switching between webcams while in Exclusive access mode, the recommended format is now preselected. It prioritizes high frame rates and resolutions close to 720p.
  • Settings window now enables mouse wheel scrolling across the entire interface, simplifying navigation without requiring cursor placement in specific scrollable areas.
  • New "Tracked Eyes" option under Settings > General. Select 'Both' for optimal tracking robustness when possible. Choose 'Left Only' or 'Right Only' if you have one notably dominant eye.

Bug fixes

  • Solved an initialization issue which was preventing some users from starting the app.
  • Ensured that the calibration window accepts the first click, which was being rejected randomly.
  • Corrected virtual camera naming.

Current limitations of iOS app extension

  • Productivity and Privacy features, as well as Tracked Eye selection are unavailable in the iOS app extension.
  • Supports only 30fps at present
  • Orientation is limited to landscape mode with the selfie notch on the right.
Original Steam release notes here.
What features or updates would you like to see next? Let us know!

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