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Why These 5 Sim Racing Games Are The Best Choices For Head Tracking Beginners

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Game creators like Codemasters and Kunos Simulazion advance modern sim racing simulators through immersive gameplay. The focus on in-game immersion is why sim racers regard Dirt Rally 2.0 and Asseto Corsa Competizione as some of the best sim racing games as of 2022.
Game developers realize that designing more dynamic and satisfying gameplay persuades all sim gamers, including those who might just be getting started on their racing sim journeys. To illustrate this point, let’s take a look at the best five sim racing games compatible with the Eyeware Beam head tracking app.

Top 5 Sim Racing Games in 2022

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#1 – F1 2021

Head tracking makes F1 2021 sim racing more immersive

As far as genres of racing go, few are as thrilling and dangerous as Formula One. The consensus in sim racing subreddits is that the heavily regulated cars of Formula One are widely known to be the fastest make of car ever to grace a race track, and all of that speed is wonderfully captured in Codemasters’ F1 2021. Each vehicle is rendered to the highest quality standard. So are the track and surrounding environment.  

With head tracking, you can gain better situational awareness during your races without worrying about panning the camera. Checking your flanks is as easy as turning your head in any direction, and your in-game perspective will follow your movements.  

If you use a head tracking device, you have one less input to become familiar with. This technology is precious for newbies. And perhaps it also offers a more natural feeling experience if you are already used to driving in the real world. But whether you’re new to the game or if you’re a racing sim veteran, F1 2021 is better with head tracking, hands-down. 

McLarenShadow is sim racing in F1 2021 on Twitch
McLarenShadow is sim racing in F1 2021 on Twitch

#2 – Kraft Kraft

Use a head tracker to keep an eye on your Kart Kraft opponents more easily

Taking a step back from the complexity of Formula One, while also somehow turning up the danger, is Go-Karting! This kind of racing is a staple of family-friendly theme parks and is a pastime enjoyed worldwide. In some form, at least. 

While there are the kids’ Go-Karts commonly found at those theme parks, there is another, more dangerous, professional level of Go-Karting, which is the form presented to players in Kart Kraft

This game lets you build your 90+ mph death rocket from the ground up, whichever way you like, in a simple menu that is easy for beginners to use while remaining practical for more advanced players. And you will want to be intimately familiar with your kart when you’re on a hyper-accurate track with 20 other players, all fighting for first place. 

With head tracking enabled, you can keep an eye on your opponents just as quickly as you could in real life, making new players competitive with even the most hard-core Go-Karters. However, the added layer of immersion you get with this feature might make the lack of a seatbelt in your super fast Go-Kart a little more concerning!

Nick Grabau is sim racing in Kraft Kraft on Youtube

Nick Grabau is sim racing in Kraft Kraft on Youtube 

#3 – Asseto Corsa Competizione

Use a head tracker to look around the cabin in your Asseto Corsa sim rig

Since the original Asseto Corsa release in 2014, it has been one of the cornerstones of the racing simulation genre. And the massively improved sequel, Asseto Corsa Competizione, continues in that tradition and upholds the torch by being one of the most realistic, highly detailed, engrossing simulations ever made. 

The level of detail and high-quality graphics are thanks to the game creators using Unreal Engine 4. The Unreal environment allowed the developers to make everything from the individual switches and lights on your dashboard to every raindrop on your windshield feel as authentic as possible.

And with head tracking, taking a look around your cabin and taking in all that detail has never been easier. Don’t get too distracted with the realism of your speedometer and let another racer take that coveted first position!

thealexrodgers is sim racing Asseto Corsa Competizione on Twitch
thealexrodgers is sim racing Asseto Corsa Competizione on Twitch

#4 – Dirt Rally 2.0

Check your Dirt Rally mirrors with the help of head tracking controls


Every other game on this list takes place on some sort of track. The safety and stability provided by asphalt are something that can’t be understated when you’re traveling at dangerous speeds in competition with other players.

But our next game, DiRT Rally, takes that safety and stability and throws it out the window, replacing it with treacherous terrain and dangerous curves. According to Reddit gamers, DiRT Rally is all about bringing the thrill of racing to tracks comprised of snow, dirt, and mud while still managing the threat of other racers on uncertain ground.

To mitigate this danger, you could enable head tracking to make checking your mirrors a simple act of angling your head slightly, allowing your hands to focus on the primary controls and steering. You will want this extra bit of advantage to add to your reaction time when an opponent tries to overtake you on a slippery slope, where quick thinking means the difference between slipping off of a steep hill and rolling on through to victory.

RaindancerAU is streaming Dirt Rally 2.0 on Twitch
RaindancerAU is streaming Dirt Rally 2.0 on Twitch

#5 – Project Cars 3

Head tracking immerses you in Project Cars completely

The final game on this list is a celebration of racing simulators as a whole. In Project Cars, you can participate in just about every racing style on this list, including Karting, GT, and even Formula One. This essentially makes Project Cars the ultimate racing sim game, which is made even better with the benefits provided by head tracking. 

Just as in previously mentioned games, enabling head tracking in Project Cars will allow you to look around a highly detailed cabin, lean in towards your instruments to see what everything does, and keep an eye on the competition by checking your flanks. 

So whether you prefer the relative normalcy of GT racing, the speed of Formula One, or the danger of Go-Karting, Project Cars has your back. With head tracking, it is the most immersive racing simulator available.

PS5tiozao is streaming Project Cars 2 on Twitch
PS5tiozao is streaming Project Cars 2 on Twitch

The future of simulation racing games

With the fantastic head tracking software technology provided by Eyeware Beam, Smoothtrack, TrackIR, Trackhat, and Tobii, we can move one step further into the future of simulation gaming. Eyeware Beam leads the way with the most affordable layer of immersion that was previously only possible with expensive virtual reality head set equipment. 

As the medium of simulation games has progressed, so too has the quality of their immersive experiences. For example, technologies offering more immersion in sim racing games, like head tracking software, played a significant role. 

From the coin-operated arcades of the ’70s and ’80s to the humble living room with Atari, and now with PCs at home and beyond, video games have had a long journey to get to where we are today—especially racing PC games. It would absolutely blow their minds if you showed something like a Forza Motorsport to somebody playing Pole Position in 1982.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best head tracking racing sims with head tracking! These simulator games are just a small selection, but with Eyeware Beam, you can play nearly 200 compatible games across many genres, going back many years (as far back as 1998!).

So whether you’re looking to make a brand new sim game more immersive, or you’re looking for a way to make an old sim racing game feel new again, you can accomplish your goal by downloading our head tracking app on iOS.

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