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Head & Eye Tracking with OpenTrack using Eyeware Beam

Head & Eye Tracking with OpenTrack using Eyeware Beam
Turn your webcam or iPhone into a head and eye tracker for OpenTrack following these steps
Step-By-Step Setup Guide

How to use the Eyeware Beam Webcam Edition With Opentrack
Scroll down to the other guide if you're using the iOS Edition.
Translate real-life eye and head movements into on-screen actions
This head and eye tracking guide will show you how to enjoy responsive, six degrees of freedom (6DoF) head tracking with 200+ of your favorite simulation games. Driving, flight, space, first-person shooter, and racing PC games compatible with OpenTrack.


Sign up 這裡 for the Eyeware Beam Webcam Edition and follow the instructions.


Enable Gaming Extensions

Find and click the Beam icon in the system tray. Enable “Gaming Extensions.” This lets apps like OpenTrack use Beam’s head and eye tracking data, expanding its uses.


Download, install, and open the free OpenTrack PC software

免費下載 OpenTrack PC software. The link provides the most recent OpenTrack release. Scroll down to the assets area and download the .exe file. Install OpenTrack and open the software to begin the configuration steps.


Start with an new and empty configuration file in OpenTrack

If you’ve previously set up OpenTrack, please begin with a new empty config file to ensure compatibility with Beam. If Beam feels different post-update, follow these steps: Open OpenTrack, stop tracking, click “Profile”, choose “Create new empty config”, name it, and save.


Change the input in OpenTrack to Eyeware Beam

In OpenTrack, click on “Input” and select “Eyeware Beam”. Then, click on “Start” to start tracking with OpenTrack. You should see the pink octopus reacting to your head and eye movements.


Assign a keyboard shortcut to the center method

Go to OpenTrack, click on “Options”, and create a global shortcut for the “Center” method by clicking on “Bind” next to it and pressing the shortcut keys you would like to use for it. In the screenshot, we have chosen “Alt+N” to be the shortcut for the centering method.

Important: To ensure proper recentering, please position your head in the resting position and focus your gaze on the center of the screen before using the keyboard shortcut.


Launch your game and center the head tracking

Start your game and look at the middle of your screen. Press the “Center” global shortcut (e.g. Alt+N) to center the in-game camera to your default position. Congratulations! Now you are ready to play with head and eye tracking controlling your in-game camera! Read further below on how you can customize the settings.

You don’t own a game yet that supports eye and head tracking? No problem. Many supported games offer free demos, such as 歐洲卡車模擬2.


Customize the head and eye tracking settings in Beam

Beam’s default configuration automatically translates your head and eye movements into a simulated head movement in OpenTrack. This creates a more immersive gaming experience where the in-game camera responds to your eye movements, reducing the need for excessive head turning.

For personalized preferences, the Beam settings allow further customization of the input to OpenTrack:

  • Click the Beam tray icon, then the gear symbol to access settings.
  • You can choose the tracking source. For instance, select “Head” if you prefer only head movement tracking, as opposed to the default “Head & Gaze” option.
  • Adjust your field of view by adjusting the range values. You can adjust how much the camera is moved by head or eye movements separately. Yaw refers to left and right movements and pitch is for up and down movements.
  • The yaw and pitch values are limited to the -90 and 90 degrees range no matter how much you increase the range parameters. To enable more extreme angles you can change the mapping in OpenTrack as explained in the next step below.
  • Adjust the responsiveness of the in-game camera to your movements by changing the sensitivity values. A value of zero will deactivate that particular input. 
  • Adjust eye tracking sensitivity levels cautiously. Too high levels may cause nausea.


  • Important! Increase yaw and pitch range in the Beam settings first, and only in a 2nd step (if needed) in OpenTrack. This will improve the tracking smoothness.
  • These custom settings are specific to Gaming Extensions and won’t affect Beam’s other features.


Customize your OpenTrack settings

Optimize your OpenTrack experience by customizing settings:

  • To view behind you in-game, enhance your field of vision by adjusting the ‘yaw’ range. In OpenTrack’s “Mapping” section, select the “yaw” tab and set the maximum input to 90°.
  • Tailor the yaw and pitch curves in Mapping. It’s advised to tweak Beam’s range parameters first before adjusting OpenTrack curves.
  • If you notice jittering, fine-tune the Accela filter parameters by clicking the hammer icon near “Filter” on OpenTrack’s main window.
If you can’t find the Eyeware Beam icon on your screen, it might be hidden in your tray apps. You can find the app with the purple logo in the system tray menu, usually located at the bottom right of your screen.
How to use the Eyeware Beam iOS Edition With Opentrack
本頭部追踪指南將向您展示如何在 200 多種您最喜歡的模擬遊戲中享受響應式、六自由度 (6DoF) 的頭部追踪。與 OpenTrack 頭部跟踪軟件兼容的駕駛、飛行、太空、第一人稱射擊和賽車 PC 遊戲。


適用於 iPhone 或 iPad 的 iOS 應用程序可捕捉您的頭部動作,隨附的 Eyeware PC 軟件將這些動作轉換為遊戲和流媒體中的屏幕動作。

下載 Eyeware Beam iOS 應用程序 從應用商店。安裝應用程序時,系統會要求您輸入電子郵件地址以接收隨附的下載鏈接 電腦軟件安裝程序.在您的 PC 上下載並安裝該軟件。


將您的 iPhone 或 iPad 變成頭部追踪器

將您的 iPhone 或 iPad 設置為我們的頭部追踪器 快速入門指南.請先完成快速入門指南,然後再進行下一步。



使用頭部跟踪需要按月或按年付費訂閱。在應用程序中,點擊設置圖標 > 提醒 > 訂閱。然後,您將完成一系列訂閱購買和確認步驟以完成交易。


在 Beam 設置中打開 OpenTrack 流切換
  • 單擊托盤菜單中的 Beam PC 軟件圖標。
  • 單擊漢堡菜單(3 條水平線)。
  • 選擇 設置 在 Eyeware Beam PC 軟件的右下方。
  • 關閉 OpenTrack 流 切換 在。


下載、安裝並打開免費的 OpenTrack PC 軟件

免費下載 OpenTrack PC 軟件。 該鏈接提供了最新的 OpenTrack 版本。向下滾動到資產區域並下載 .exe 文件。安裝 OpenTrack 並打開軟件以開始配置步驟。



點擊 輸入 下拉列表並選擇 UDP over network.



單擊輸入旁邊的設置圖標。類型端口 4242.



單擊輸出下拉列表並選擇 freetrack 2.0 增強 選項。


在 freetrack 協議設置下選擇“同時啟用”

單擊旁邊的設置圖標 輸出.在裡面 選擇界面 面板,從下拉列表中選擇 啟用兩者 選項。


選擇您將用於頭部追踪的 PC 遊戲
  • 點擊 選項 按鈕。
  • 選擇 遊戲檢測 標籤。
  • 點擊“+”底部的標誌。
  • 單擊剛剛創建的新行上的三個點按鈕。
  • 選擇要啟用頭部跟踪的遊戲的可執行文件。



點擊 開始 OpenTrack 中的按鈕來激活應該根據您的頭部運動移動的章魚。

如果頭部跟踪被反轉,請轉到 選項 > 輸出 並檢查以反轉 偏航, 瀝青, 或者 .

調整 曲線 來控制頭部運動的靈敏度。

您可以嘗試使用以下 OpenTrack 配置文件以及 Eyeware Beam 應用程序的預配置設置,讓您更接近理想的設置。

  • 下載預配置的 Beam OpenTrack 配置文件:
  • 打開 OpenTrack 並單擊 輪廓 打開配置目錄 打開存儲 OpenTrack 默認配置文件的文件夾。
  • 將您剛剛下載的預配置 Beam OpenTrack 配置文件移動到該文件夾中。
  • 在 OpenTrack 中,單擊旁邊的菜單 輪廓 並選擇新添加的 Beam OpenTrack 配置文件,該配置文件現在顯示為一個選項(在 默認.ini)
Eyeware Beam 頭部跟踪僅在安裝了 iOS Eyeware Beam 應用程序和步驟 1 中的 Eyeware Beam Windows PC 軟件時才有效。
您將需要安裝 開放跟踪 在遊戲中啟用頭部跟踪。 如果您在屏幕上找不到 Eyeware Beam 計算機應用程序,則它可能正在後台運行。您可以在系統托盤菜單中找到帶有紫色徽標的應用程序,通常位於屏幕的右下角。
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