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App Description

App Description
iOS Eyeware Beam App

Experience the first all-in-one head tracking and eye tracking solution to add depth to your gaming and streaming.

Enjoy responsive 6DOF head tracking with 200+ of your favorite driving and flight simulators, as well as first-person shooter PC games compatible with OpenTrack.

Livestream your online arena and MOBA gaming content with our accurate eye tracking overlay on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook to share wherever you are looking with your audience in real-time.

Eliminate your expensive headset, glasses, webcam, or additional hardware if you are one of the millions who already own an iPhone and a PC.

Our app turns your Face ID supported iPhone or iPad, with a built-in TrueDepth camera, into a reliable, precise, multi-purpose head and eye tracking device.

This patent-pending feat is made possible with our proprietary computer vision algorithms and machine perception AI technology that is not dependent on ARKit. As a result, it generates an accurate head pose and eye tracking signal comparable to expensive proprietary devices from Tobii or TrackIR.

Check your flank with intuitive, immersive head motions. Look around your flight sim cabin or iracing cockpit naturally, peek around a wall in Elite: Dangerous, or take in the view from outer space in Star Citizen. If you want to feel like a real pilot, racer, or soldier, you’ll need this immersive head tracking.

Read about us on Apple Insider, Engadget, & Gaming Trend!

Next Level Streaming: They see what you see. Effortlessly convey where your attention is focused by communicating your eye gaze on-screen using our app with OBS Studio or Crossclip to live stream content on Twitch, Facebook, & YouTube.

Connect with your audience and create unique gameplay experiences with our on-screen eye tracking gaze bubble that naturally shows where you look, bringing you and your fans closer.

Once you’re done, review your stream to analyze your in-game patterns and improve your skills. Eyeware Beam brings streamers and fans closer, all while making you a better gamer.

Third-party developers and Independent Software Vendors: Build your own head and eye tracking-enabled PC solutions with access to tracking data in real-time.

Transform an iOS device into an eye and head tracking peripheral for a Windows PC to connect to your own app with the Beam community. Potential use cases benefit gaming devices, simulators, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) & biometric devices.

▶ Early API Access – https://beam.eyeware.tech/developers//

Immersive Head Tracking: Bogey on your six! Experience augmented reality (AR) head tracking in-game with six degrees of freedom (6DOF) that keeps you in the moment.

Real-life head movements are translated into on-screen actions with seamless reliability that increases your field of view.

Get started with your Windows 10 PC, iPhone or iPad that supports Face ID with iOS 13 or later… and, of course, your favorite games like Microsoft Flight Simulator, DCS World, or Arma that supports FreeTrack or TrackIR protocol!

Find more info at https://beam.eyeware.tech/games-opentrack-webcam-head-tracking-software

How do I activate head and eye tracking?

Open Eyeware Beam on your iPhone or iPad to insert your email & receive a download link to the free accompanying PC software.

Pair the PC software with your iPhone or iPad to switch on head tracking as the input source, enabling a full range of in-game head motion when connected with OpenTrack.

Or connect the software with OBS studio to live stream where you are looking on the screen while gaming. View instructions at https://bit.ly/BeamQuickstart.

Our app uses head and eye tracking data in real-time. Anonymized app usage and tracking quality metrics data can be collected. Third parties may use Beam to create head/eye tracking enabled apps following our data privacy requirements.  

Visit our privacy policy and developer pages for a full description of our privacy practices.