OpenTrack: List Of Supported Games For Head Tracking Hopp til innholdet

Opentrack: List of Supported Games
Enhanced with Eyeware Beam Eye Tracking

OpenTrack is a free head tracking app that can be used as a tool in PC games such as flight simulators, space simulators, combat flight simulators, racing simulators, bus simulators, farming simulators and even some FPS and RPG games. It tracks a user’s head movements and behaviors and then relays the information gathered to the game software.

OpenTrack supports diverse tracking methods such as IR-leds, FreePIE UDP receiver (enabling phone use as a tracking device), and webcams for head tracking. This cost-effective solution adds immersion to gaming experiences without pricey equipment. With output shaping and filtering, OpenTrack serves as a versatile, stable, and reliable tool for gamers. It remains the only free, regularly updated head-tracking software with webcam support.

nedlasting the latest OpenTrack release here now officially supporting the smooth Eyeware Beam webcam eye and head tracking. Beam is the only webcam eye tracker that can provide both gaze and head movements as an input to OpenTrack for a more immersive experience. Learn how to use how to use OpenTrack and Beam. Choose between Beam Webcam Edition or iOS Edition below.

SpilltittelHodesporing med OpenTrackEye Tracking with OpenTrackUtgivelsesdatoKategoriSpillutviklerForlegger
Frontiers Reach☑️☑️Mar 1, 2023Space Flight SimulatorBlind Alien ProductionsBlind Alien Productions
F1 2023☑️☑️Jun 16, 2023Racing SimulatorKodemestereElektronisk kunst
Helicopter Gunship DEX☑️☑️Dec 1, 2022Combat Flight SimulatorJimmy Arcade LimitedJimmy Arcade Limited
F1 2022☑️☑️28. juni 2022Racing SimulatorKodemestereElektronisk kunst
Top Gun: Maverick Expansion☑️☑️27. mai 2022Fly simulatorMicrosoftMicrosoft
OMSI 2 - Omnibussimulatoren☑️☑️1. mars 2022BussimulatorMR programvareAerosoft
Tiny Combat Arena☑️☑️22. februar 2022KampflygingWhy485, MicroProse-programvareMicroProse programvare
RealFlight 9.5S☑️☑️7. desember 2021Fly simulatorHorisont hobbyHorisont hobby
Farming Simulator 22 ☑️☑️22. november 2021Farming Simulator GIANTS programvareGIANTS programvare
Virtual BattleSpace 4 (VBS4)☑️☑️8. september 2021Space Flight SimulatorSimuleringsvideospill, taktisk skytespill, actionspillBohemia interaktive simuleringer
F1 2021☑️☑️15. juli 2021Racing SimulatorKodemestereElektronisk kunst
Virtual Sailor NG☑️☑️4. juli 2021SkipssimulatorIlan PapiniKvalitetssimuleringer, Hangsim
Bussen☑️☑️25. mars 2021KjøresimulatorTML-studioerAeroSoft GmbH
Jord-analog☑️☑️11. februar 2021Space Flight SimulatorFuncraft spillFuncraft spill
Cyberpunk 2077 (click here for instructions)☑️☑️9. desember 2020Action eventyr CD PROSJEKT RØDCD PROSJEKT RØD
Prosjekt Wingman☑️☑️1. desember 2020Combat Flight SimulatorSektor D2Ydmyke spill
STAR WARS™: Skvadroner☑️☑️2. oktober 2020Space Flight Simulator MOTIVElektronisk kunst
F1 2020☑️☑️9. juli 2020Racing Simulator KodemestereElektronisk kunst
Lastebil- og logistikksimulator☑️☑️23. juni 2020KjøresimulatorSimula spillAerosoft GmbH
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020☑️☑️17. april 2020Fly simulatorAsobo StudioXbox Game Studios
Automobilista 2☑️☑️31. mars 2020Racing SimulatorReiza StudiosReiza Studios
Rise: Vieneo-provinsen☑️☑️4. februar 2020Space Flight SimulatorUnistellar Industries, LLCUnisterllar Industries, LLC
Infinity: Battlescape☑️☑️27. september 2019Space Flight Simulator I-Novae Studios, LLCI-Novae Studios, LLC
F1 2019☑️☑️27. juni 2019Racing SimulatorKodemestereElektronisk kunst
Assetto Corsa Competizione☑️☑️29. mai 2019Racing SimulatorKunos Simulazioni505 spill
WarBirds - Combat Aviation fra andre verdenskrig☑️☑️21. april 2019Combat Flight SimulatoriMagic Online CorporationInteractive Magic Inc.
DayZ☑️☑️13. desember 2018OverlevelseBohemia InteractiveBohemia Interactive
Kart Kraft☑️☑️1. november 2018Racing SimulatorMotorsport spillMotorsport spill
M4 Tank Platoon☑️☑️26. mars 2018StrategiThriller Nye medieriEntertainment Network
Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator☑️☑️20. november 2017Fly simulatorIPACSIPACS
EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone☑️☑️26. september 2017Space Flight SimulatorCCPCCP
EverSpace☑️☑️25. mai 2017Space Flight SimulatorROCKFISH-spillROCKFISH-spill
X-Plane 11☑️☑️30. mars 2017Fly simulatorLaminær forskningLaminær forskning
Mannskapet☑️☑️29. november 2016Racing SimulatorElfenbenstårnUbisoft
House of the Dying Sun☑️☑️1. november 2016Combat Flight SimulatorMarauder Interactive, LLCMarauder Interactive, LLC
Farming Simulator 17☑️☑️24. oktober 2016Farming Simulator GIANTS programvareGIANTS programvare
Ess High III☑️☑️15. september 2016Combat Flight SimulatorHiTech-kreasjonerHiTech-kreasjoner
Steel Beasts Professional☑️☑️8. august 2016KjøretøysimulatoreSim-spillSplintspill, strategi først
TacView☑️☑️8. juli 2016Fly simulatorRaia Software Inc.Raia Software Inc.
Combat Air Patrol 2: Military Flight Simulator☑️☑️6. juni 2016Combat Flight SimulatorSim155 begrensetSim155 begrenset
Duehale flyskole☑️☑️25. mai 2016Fly simulatorSvalehalespill Svalehalespill
Rogue System☑️☑️16. mai 2016Space Flight SimulatorDigits Crossed Interactive, LLCImage Space Incorporated
Amerikansk lastebilsimulator☑️☑️2. februar 2016KjøresimulatorSCS-programvare, Excalibur Publishing, spillmotorSCS programvare
Elite: Dangerous - Horisonter☑️☑️15. desember 2015RollespillFrontier DevelopmentsFrontier Developments
MechWarrior Online Solaris 7☑️☑️10. desember 2015KjøretøysimulatorPiranha spillInfinite Game Publishing, Piranha Games
DiRT: Rally☑️☑️7. desember 2015Racing SimulatorCodemasters, Feral Interactive (Linux), Feral Interactive (Mac)Codemasters, Feral Interactive (Linux), Feral Interactive (Mac), Electronic Arts
Prosjekt BILER☑️☑️6. mai 2015Racing SimulatorSlightly Mad StudiosCodemasters, Slightly Mad Studios, Electronic Arts
Kerbal Space Program☑️☑️27. april 2015Space Flight SimulatorTroppenPrivat avdeling
Assetto Corsa☑️☑️19. desember 2014Racing SimulatorKunos SimulazioniKunos Simulazioni
Elite: Farlig☑️☑️16. desember 2014RollespillFrontier DevelopmentsFrontier Developments
Feilskapt☑️☑️30. oktober 2014OverlevelseEntrada Interactive LLCEntrada Interactive LLC
Togsimulator 2015 - Jernbaneverk 6☑️☑️18. september 2014Fly simulatorSvalehalespillDovetail Games - Tog
X-Plane 10☑️☑️14. juli 2014Fly simulatorLaminær forskningAerosoft GmbH
Simax kjøresimulator☑️☑️27. mai 2014TreningssimulatorSimax VirtSimax Virt
Virtual BattleSpace 3 (VBS3)☑️☑️16. mai 2014Space Flight SimulatorSimuleringsvideospill, taktisk skytespill, actionspillBohemia interaktive simuleringer
Sir, du blir jaktet☑️☑️2. mai 2014OverlevelseBig Robot LtdBig Robot Ltd
Combat Helo: Gunnery☑️☑️8. april 2014Combat Flight SimulatorN/AN/A
Opprør☑️☑️22. januar 2014FPSNew World InteractiveNew World Interactive
Vinger: Over Flanders Field (WOFF)☑️☑️22. desember 2013Combat Flight SimulatorGammel brun hund (PBS)
Phoenix R/C☑️☑️10. desember 2013Fly simulatorRuntime Games LtdRuntime Games Ltd
Lås på: Moderne luftkamp☑️☑️22. november 2013Combat Flight SimulatorEagle DynamicsUbisoft, 1C Company
IL-2 Sturmovik: Slaget ved Stalingrad☑️☑️19. november 2013Combat Flight Simulator1C Game Studios1C Game Studios
DCS: Mi-8MTV2☑️☑️19. september 2013Combat Flight SimulatorEagle Dynamics SAEagle Dynamics SA
ArmA 3☑️☑️12. september 2013Combat Flight SimulatorBohemia InteractiveBohemia Interactive
Stjerneborger☑️☑️19. august 2013FPSCloud Imperium-spillCloud Imperium-spill☑️☑️3. august 2013KjøresimulatorBeamNGBeamNG
DCS: UH-1H☑️☑️30. april 2013Combat Flight SimulatorEagle Dynamics SAEagle Dynamics SA
rFaktor 2☑️☑️28. mars 2013Racing SimulatorStudio 397Studio 397
Arma II: DayZ Mod☑️☑️21. februar 2013OverlevelseBohemia InteractiveBohemia Interactive
RaceRoom KJØRERfaring☑️☑️12. februar 2013Racing SimulatorSector3 StudiosRaceRoom Entertainment AG
OpusFSX☑️☑️20. desember 2012Fly simulatorOpus Software LimitedOpus Software Limited
Kamppilot☑️☑️18. desember 2012Combat Flight SimulatorMad Catz / SaitekMad Catz / Saitek
Gruvearbeiderkriger☑️☑️28. november 2012RollespillKeen Software HouseKeen Software House
DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 (FC3)☑️☑️8. november 2012Combat Flight Simulator
Krigstorden☑️☑️1. november 2012Combat Flight SimulatorGaijin underholdningGaijin Distribution KFT
Euro Truck Simulator 2☑️☑️29. oktober 2012LastebilsimulatorSCS programvareSCS programvare
Diaspora: Shattered Armistice☑️☑️24. oktober 2012Space Flight SimulatorHard Light ProductionsHard Light Productions
GTR - FIA GT Racing Game☑️☑️25. september 2012Racing SimulatorSimBin StudiosSimBin
F1 2012☑️☑️18. september 2012Racing SimulatorCodemasters Birmingham, Feral InteractiveCodemasters Racing
Sovende hunder☑️☑️14. august 2012Action eventyrUnited Front GamesUnited Front Games
DCS: Combined Arms☑️☑️10. juli 2012Combat Flight SimulatorEagle Dynamics SAEagle Dynamics SA
Scania lastebilkjøringsimulator☑️☑️8. juni 2012LastebilsimulatorSCS programvareSCS programvare
Iron Front: Liberation 1944☑️☑️25. mai 2012FPSX1-programvare, AWARDyp sølv
DCS: P-51D Mustang☑️☑️29. april 2012Combat Flight SimulatorEagle Dynamics SAEagle Dynamics SA
Microsoft Flight☑️☑️29. februar 2012Fly simulatorMicrosoft spillstudioer vancouverMicrosoft studioer
Lunar Flight☑️☑️15. januar 2012Space Flight SimulatorShovsoftShovsoft
Månepilot☑️☑️15. januar 2012Space Flight SimulatorShovsoftShovsoft
Virtual BattleSpace 2 (VBS2 2.0)☑️☑️6. januar 2012Space Flight SimulatorBohemia InteractiveBohemia Interactive
X3: Albion Prelude☑️☑️15. desember 2011Space Flight SimulatorEgosoftEgosoft
Arvoch Alliance SE☑️☑️28. november 2011Space Flight SimulatorStarWraith 3D-spillStarWraith 3D-spill
DCS: Black Shark 2☑️☑️2. november 2011Combat Flight SimulatorEagle Dynamics SAEagle Dynamics SA
Ta på helikoptre☑️☑️27. oktober 2011Fly simulatorBohemia InteractiveBohemia Interactive
AeroFly 5☑️☑️2. oktober 2011Fly simulatorIPACSIPACS
F1 2011☑️☑️20. september 2011Racing SimulatorCodemasters Birmingham, Sumo DigitalKodemestere
IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover☑️☑️19. juli 2011Combat Flight Simulator1C: Maddox GamesUbisoft
Trucks & Trailers☑️☑️17. juni 2011LastebilsimulatorSCS programvareSCS programvare
DiRT 3☑️☑️24. mai 2011Racing SimulatorCodemasters SouthamKodemestere
ArmA 2: Forsterkninger☑️☑️1. april 2011FPSBohemia InteractiveBohemia Interactive
DCS: A-10C vortesvin☑️☑️21. februar 2011Combat Flight SimulatorEagle DynamicsFighter-samlingen
OMSI bussimulator☑️☑️18. februar 2011BussimulatorAerosoftAerosoft
Test Drive Unlimited 2☑️☑️8. februar 2011Racing SimulatorEden spillAtari
18 hjul av stål: Extreme Trucker 2☑️☑️6. januar 2011KjøresimulatorSCS programvareCosmi Valusoft
Apache: Air Assault☑️☑️16. november 2010Combat Flight SimulatorGaijin underholdningActivision
Lockheed Martin Prepar3D☑️☑️15. november 2010AkademiskLockheed MartinLockheed Martin
Reflex XTR2☑️☑️29. oktober 2010Fly simulatorReflekssimuleringReflekssimulering
F1 2010☑️☑️22. september 2010Racing SimulatorSwordfish StudiosKodemestere
Evochron leiesoldat☑️☑️17. september 2010Space Flight SimulatorStarWraith 3D Games LLCStarWraith 3D Games LLC
LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2☑️☑️2. juli 2010Fly simulatorEagle Dynamics1C selskapet
Trainz Simulator 2010☑️☑️26. juni 2010TogsimulatorN3V SPILLEmner Underholdning
Tysk lastebilsimulator☑️☑️13. januar 2010LastebilsimulatorSCS programvare
Wings of Prey☑️☑️16. november 2009Combat Flight SimulatorGaijin Entertainment CorporationGaijin underholdning
Drift Flammepunkt☑️☑️6. oktober 2009MilitærCodemasters, Sumo Digital, Firebrand GamesCodemasters, Zabuza Labs
18 hjul av stål: Extreme Trucker☑️☑️23. september 2009KjøresimulatorSCS programvareCosmi Valusoft
Colin McRae: Dirt 2☑️☑️8. september 2009Racing SimulatorCodemasters, Sumo Digital, Firebrand GamesCodemasters, Zabuza Labs
Train Simulator Classic (tidligere RailWorks)☑️☑️12. juli 2009TogsimulatorSvalehalespillDovetail Games - Tog
ArmA 2: Operasjon Pilspiss☑️☑️17. juni 2009MilitærBohemia InteractiveBohemia Interactive
ArmA 2☑️☑️17. juni 2009MilitærBohemia InteractiveBohemia Interactive
Rise of Flight: Den første store luftkrigen☑️☑️7. mai 2009Combat Flight SimulatorNeoqb, 777 Stuidos777 Studios, Aerosoft, ND Games
DCS: Black Shark☑️☑️7. april 2009Combat Flight SimulatorEagle Dynamics SA1C selskapet
jegeren☑️☑️5. mars 2009JaktAvalanche StudiosEmote spill
Tom Clancy sin HAWX☑️☑️3. mars 2009Fly simulatorUbisoft Bucuresti, Ubisoft Kiev, GameloftUbisoft
Kjøretøysimulator☑️☑️1. mars 2009KjøresimulatorKvalitetssimuleringerKvalitetssimuleringer
Turismo Carretera☑️☑️5. februar 2009Racing Simulator2Pez-spillN/A
Evochron Legends☑️☑️5. februar 2009Space Flight SimulatorStarWraith 3D-spillStarWraith 3D Games LLC
Digital Combat Simulator World☑️☑️17. oktober 2008Combat Flight SimulatorEagle Dynamics SAEagle Dynamics SA
WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger☑️☑️17. oktober 2008Militærg5 programvareLighthouse Interactive Game Publishing BV
Euro Truck Simulator☑️☑️29. august 2008LastebilsimulatorSCS programvareSCS programvare
iRacing☑️☑️26. august 2008Racing SimulatorMotorsport Simulations, LLCMotorsport Simulations, LLC
Avstamning☑️☑️22. juli 2008FPSParallax programvareSamspillsproduksjoner
Racerfører: Grid☑️☑️30. mai 2008Racing SimulatorKodemestereCodemasters, Electronic Arts
Prosjekt dreiemoment☑️☑️30. april 2008Racing SimulatorInvictus spillAeria Games & Entertainment
Tårnsimulator☑️☑️22. april 2008BygningWilco PublishingN/A
Vinger over Israel☑️☑️18. februar 2008Fly simulatorThird Wire ProductionsThird Wire Productions
Romfergeoppdrag 2007☑️☑️30. desember 2007Space Flight SimulatorSpennende simuleringerSimsquared Ltd.
Nitro Stunt-KJØRING☑️☑️28. desember 2007Racing SimulatorGame SeedGame Factory Interactive Ltd
Skipssimulator 2008☑️☑️18. desember 2007SkipssimulatorVSTEPLighthouse Interactive, Paradox Interactive
18 hjul av stål: American Long Haul☑️☑️3. desember 2007Racing SimulatorSCS programvareCosmi Valusoft
LØP 07☑️☑️1. oktober 2007Racing SimulatorSimBinSimBin
X Motor KJØRING☑️☑️28. september 2007Racing SimulatorEksotypiske feilEksotypiske feil
Evochron Renegades☑️☑️28. september 2007Space Flight SimulatorStarWraith 3D-spillStarWraith 3D-spill
Harrier Attack II☑️☑️21. august 2007Combat Flight SimulatorDurell Games LtdDurell Games Ltd
Colin McRae: Dirt☑️☑️14. juni 2007Racing SimulatorCodemasters Software Company LimitedCodemasters Software Company Limited
Trainz klassikere☑️☑️9. juni 2007TogsimulatorN3V spillN/A
Mediterranean Air War (MAW)☑️☑️1. juni 2007Combat Flight SimulatorN/AN/A
Enemy Engaged 2☑️☑️25. mai 2007Fly simulatorGameyus Interactive LLCG2 spill
Air Battles: Sky Defender☑️☑️23. april 2007Fly simulatorPilot Entertainment, Inc.Wild Hare Entertainment. LLC.
Utover den røde linjen☑️☑️31. mars 2007Space Flight SimulatorN/AN/A
First Eagles: The Great War 1918☑️☑️25. desember 2006Fly simulatorTredje ledning G2 spill
18 hjul av stål: Haulin'☑️☑️8. desember 2006KjøresimulatorSCS programvareCosmi Valusoft
Evochron Alliance 2.0☑️☑️1. desember 2006Space Flight SimulatorStarwraith 3D-spillStarWraith 3D-spill
RACE - WTCC-spillet☑️☑️24. november 2006Racing SimulatorSimBinSimBin
ArmA: Combat Operations (Armed Assault)☑️☑️10. november 2006FPSBohemia Interactive505 spill, Atari
Flight Simulator X☑️☑️13. oktober 2006Fly simulatorMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox Game Studios
Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition☑️☑️13. oktober 2006Fly simulatorMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox Game Studios
Flyboys☑️☑️22. september 2006Fly simulator iEntertainment NetworkiEntertainment Network, Matrix Games
GTR 2☑️☑️10. september 2006Racing SimulatorBlimey! Spill, SimBin10tacle Studios
Test Drive Unlimited☑️☑️5. september 2006Racing SimulatorEden Games, Atari Melbourne HouseAtari
Skipssimulator 2006☑️☑️15. august 2006SkipssimulatorReplay Studios, Moonbyte GamesAtari-spill
Arvoch-konflikt☑️☑️14. august 2006Space Flight SimulatorStarWraith 3D-spillStarWraith 3D Games LLC
Vinger over Europa☑️☑️24. mai 2006Fly simulatorThird WIre ProductionsStrategi først
netKar PRO☑️☑️10. april 2006Racing SimulatorKunos SimulazioniKunos Simulazioni
Crashday☑️☑️23. februar 2006Racing SimulatorReplay Studios, Moonbyte GamesAtari, Atari SA, ValuSoft
Fremtidens Pinball☑️☑️22. oktober 2005PinballChristopher Leathley (kjerneapp), Rafal Janicki (BAM)Christopher Leathley (kjerneapp), Rafal Janicki (BAM)
GT Legends☑️☑️15. oktober 2005Racing SimulatorSimBin StudiosSimBin
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006☑️☑️30. september 2005Togsimulator N3V spillN3V Games, Blue Sky Interactive, Merscom, Akella, NBG EDV Handels und Verlags GmbH & Co KG
rFaktor☑️☑️30. august 2005Racing SimulatorImage Space IncorporatedImage Space Incorporated
Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory☑️☑️26. august 2005Fly simulatorA2A-simuleringerA2A-simuleringer, GMX Media, Matrix Games, Tri Synergy
Falcon 4: Allied Force☑️☑️28. juni 2005Combat Flight SimulatorLead PursuitGraphsim Entertainmen, Excalibur Publishing
Cross DRIVING Championship 2005☑️☑️3. juni 2005Racing SimulatorInvictus spill Invictus Games, Take-Two Interactive
JetPakNG☑️☑️5. mai 2005Fly simulatorAdam PedersenAdam Pedersen
Silent Wings Simulator☑️☑️4. april 2005Combat Flight SimulatorSilent Wings ASSilent Wings AS
NASCAR SimDRIVING☑️☑️15. februar 2005Racing SimulatorEA TiburonEA Sports, Electronic Arts
Vinger over Vietnam☑️☑️8. november 2004Combat Flight SimulatorTredje ledningDestineer, Bold Games
Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed☑️☑️27. oktober 2004Space Flight SimulatorDaybreak Game CompanyLucasArts
Pacific Fighters☑️☑️22. oktober 2004Combat Flight Simulator1C: Maddox Games1C Company, Ubisoft
Wings of War☑️☑️30. august 2004Combat Flight SimulatorSølv ønskespillSamling av utviklere
Richard Burns Rally☑️☑️9. juli 2004Racing SimulatorWarthog GamesSCI Games, Gizmondo Games
Starshatter: The Gathering Storm☑️☑️7. juli 2004Space Flight SimulatorDestroyer StudiosMatrix spill
ToCA Race Driver 2☑️☑️13. april 2004Racing SimulatorCodemasters, Sumo DigitalKodemestere
IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles☑️☑️2. mars 2004Kampflyging1C, 1C Underholdning1C, Ubi Soft
Lås på: Moderne luftkamp☑️☑️20. november 2003Fly simulatorEagle DynamicsUbisoft
Colin McRae Rally 2004☑️☑️19. september 2003Racing Simulatorkodemesterekodemestere
Flight Simulator 2004☑️☑️29. juli 2003Fly simulatorMicrosoft Game StudiosMicrosoft Game Studios
F1 Karriereutfordring☑️☑️24. juni 2003Racing Simulator Bell CorporationSega, Virgin Interactive Entertainment
NASCAR DRIVING 2003-sesongen☑️☑️4. februar 2003Racing Simulator Papyrus Design GroupSierra underholdning
Strike Fighters: Prosjekt 1☑️☑️27. oktober 2002Combat Flight SimulatorTredje ledningStrategi først
Combat Flight Simulator 3☑️☑️24. oktober 2002Combat Flight SimulatorMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox Game Studios, Microsoft
Live for Speed☑️☑️18. august 2002Racing SimulatorLive for SpeedLive for Speed
Amerikas hær☑️☑️4. juli 2002FPSUSAs hærUSAs hær, Ubisoft
FreeSpace 2 Åpne☑️☑️25. april 2002Space Flight SimulatorVolition Inc.FreeSpace 2 kildekodeprosjekt
Flight Simulator 2002☑️☑️23. oktober 2001Fly simulatorMicrosoft Microsoft
Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative☑️☑️26. september 2001Space Flight SimulatorNetDevil3DO
Battleground Europe: World War II Online☑️☑️6. juni 2001FPSCornered Rat, Cornered Rat Software, PlaynetStrategi først, Matrix Games
Rowans slaget om Storbritannia☑️☑️31. januar 2001Combat Flight SimulatorRowan programvareEmpire Interactive
Mikrofly☑️☑️5. desember 2000Fly simulatorKvalitetssimuleringerKvalitetssimuleringer
Orbiter☑️☑️27. november 2000Space Flight SimulatorMartin SchweigerMartin Schweiger
Enemy Engaged – Comanche vs. Hokum☑️☑️31. juli 2000Fly simulatorRazorworksEmpire Interactive
Aces High II☑️☑️8. mai 2000Combat Flight SimulatorHiTech-kreasjonerIceberg Interactive
Jane's F/A-18☑️☑️18. januar 2000Combat Flight Simulator Elektronisk kunstElektronisk kunst
MiG Alley☑️☑️1. juli 1999Combat Flight SimulatorRowan programvareEmpire Interactive
Grand Prix-legender☑️☑️6. oktober 1998Racing SimulatorPapyrus Design GroupSierra Entertainment, 1C Company
Falcon 4.0☑️☑️Jan 1, 1998Combat Flight SimulatorMicroproseRetroism