Head Tracker Software Guide For OpenTrack PC Gaming | PC & IOS App コンテンツにスキップ


Turn your iPhone or iPad into a head tracker following these steps
Translate real-life head movements into on-screen actions with head tracking
This head tracking guide will show you how to enjoy responsive, six degrees of freedom (6DoF) head tracking with 200+ of your favorite simulation games. Driving, flight, space, first-person shooter, and racing PC games compatible with OpenTrack head tracking software.


The iOS app for your iPhone or iPad captures your head movements and accompanying Eyeware PC software translates those movements into on-screen actions in games and streams.

Eyeware BeamiOSアプリをダウンロードする アプリストアから。アプリをインストールすると、添付のダウンロードリンクを受け取るためにメールアドレスを入力するように求められます PCソフトウェアインストーラー。 PCにソフトウェアをダウンロードしてインストールします。


Turn your iPhone or iPad into a head tracker

Set up your iPhone or iPad as a head tracker with our quickstart guide. Please complete the quickstart guide first before moving to the next step.


Purchase a subscription to enable head tracking

A monthly or annual paid subscription is required to use head tracking. Within the app, tap on the Settings icon > Reminders > Subscriptions. You will then be brought through a series of subscription purchase and confirmation steps to complete the transaction.


Turn the OpenTrack stream toggle on in the Beam settings
  • Click the Beam PC software icon in the tray menu.
  • Click on the burger menu (3 horizontal lines).
  • Select Settings at the bottom right of the Eyeware Beam PC software.
  • Turn the OpenTrack stream toggle ON.


Download, install and open the free OpenTrack PC software

Download the free OpenTrackPCソフトウェア。 The link provides the most recent OpenTrack release. Scroll down to the assets area and download the .exe file. Install OpenTrack and open the software to begin the configuration steps.


Select Input type

Click on the Input dropdown list and select the UDP over network option. 


Select port number

Click on the setup icon next to Input. Type port 4242.


Select Output type

Click on the Output dropdown list and select the freetrack 2.0 Enhanced option.


Select 'Enable both' under freetrack protocol settings

Click on the setup icon next to Output. In the Select interface panel, from the dropdown list select the Enable both option.


Select the PC game you will use with head tracking
  • Click on the Options button.
  • Select the Game detection tab.
  • Click on the “+” sign at the bottom.
  • Click on the three dots button on the new line that was just created.
  • Select the executable file for the game you want to enable head tracking in.


Click the Start button and play your game using head tracking

Click the Start button in OpenTrack to activate the octopus that should be moving based on your head movements.

If head tracking is inverted, go to Options > Output and check to invert either the Yaw, Pitch, また Roll.

Adjust the Curves to control the sensitivity of your head movements.

You can try the following OpenTrack profile with pre-configured settings for the Eyeware Beam app to get you closer to your ideal setup.

  • Download the pre-configured Beam OpenTrack profile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ONjS2yhCe3ddcI6lChp5VDLZqLkGd0oA/view
  • Open OpenTrack and click on Profile Open configuration directory to open the folder where the OpenTrack default profile is stored.
  • Move the pre-configured Beam OpenTrack profile you just downloaded into that folder.
  • In OpenTrack, click on the menu next to Profile and select the newly added Beam OpenTrack profile which now appears as an option (next to default.ini)
Eyeware Beam head tracking will only work when both the iOS Eyeware Beam app and the Eyeware Beam Windows PC software from step 1 is installed.
You will need to install OpenTrack to enable head tracking in games. 画面にEyewareBeamコンピュータアプリケーションが見つからない場合は、バックグラウンドで実行されている可能性があります。紫色のロゴが付いたアプリは、通常は画面の右下にあるシステムトレイメニューにあります。
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