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Eye Tracker за поточно предаване с Eyeware Beam

Eye Tracking for Streaming with Eyeware Beam
Turn your iPhone or iPad into an eye tracker for your live streams following these steps
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Generate the next level of live streaming so they see what you see
This guide will show you how to effortlessly convey where your attention is focused by communicating your eye gaze on-screen using our the Eyeware Beam iOS app with OBS Studio or Crossclip to live stream content on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. Connect with your audience and create unique gameplay experiences with our on-screen eye tracking gaze bubble that naturally shows where you look, bringing you and your fans closer. Once you’re done, review your stream to analyze your in-game patterns and improve your skills. Eyeware Beam brings streamers and fans closer, all while making you a better gamer.
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The iOS app for your iPhone or iPad captures your eye movements and accompanying Eyeware PC software translates those movements into an on-screen eye gaze bubble overlay to easily see where you are looking  in games and streams.

Изтеглете приложението Eyeware Beam за iOS от магазина за приложения. Докато инсталирате приложението, ще бъдете помолени да въведете своя имейл адрес, за да получите връзката за изтегляне на придружаващото Инсталатор на софтуер за компютър. Изтеглете и инсталирайте софтуера на вашия компютър.


Turn your iPhone or iPad into an eye tracker

Turn your iPhone or iPad into an eye tracking device with our ръководство за бързо стартиране.
Please complete the quickstart guide first before moving to the next step.


Buy a subscription to disable the eye tracker overlay watermark

A monthly or annual paid subscription is required to use the eye tracking overlay gaze bubble without a watermark. A subscription also allows you to hide the overlay while streaming. Within the app, tap on the Settings icon > Reminders > Subscriptions. You will then be brought through a series of subscription purchase and confirmation steps to complete the transaction.


Download and install OBS Studio

Download the free open-source OBS Studio software for your PC.  The software provides video recording and live streaming capabilities on Twitch, Youtube, and other streaming platforms.

Other live stream software options include XSplit and Streamlabs.


Add a Display Capture

Click the “+” sign and select Display Capture under the sources panel in OBS Studio. Locate the Create New tab and rename the Display Capture or keep the default name. Click OK.

Select the screen you want to share in your recording or livestream from the Display dropdown list. Click OK.


Add a Game Capture

Click the “+” sign and select Game Capture located in the OBS Studio sources panel.  Under Create New rename this Game Capture or keep the default name. Click OK.

From the Mode dropdown list select the Capture Specific Window option. From the Window dropdown list, choose the [Beam.exe]: Eyeware Bubble Overlay опция. 

Изберете Allow Transparency.
Note: Some PCs require the SLI/Crossfire Capture Mode (Slow) checkbox to be activated as well.
Click OK.


Make the game capture appear first in the OBS sources panel list

In your OBS Sources panel, make sure that the game capture is at the top of the list. The Game Capture must be listed before the Display Capture for the Eyeware Beam Eye Gaze Bubble Overlay to be visible.


Start streaming or recording your screen with eye tracking enabled

You are all set up to record your PC screen or live stream on Twitch, Youtube, and other streaming platforms. The Eyeware Beam Eye Gaze Bubble Overlay will allow you and your viewers to easily see where you are looking. Use eye tracking to create more insightful content for yourself and your viewers!

Eyeware Beam eye tracking only works when both the iOS Eyeware Beam app and the Eyeware Beam Windows PC software from step 1 is installed. You need to install OBS студио to enable live streaming with eye tracking.

Ако не можете да намерите компютърното приложение Eyeware Beam на екрана си, то може да работи във фонов режим. Можете да намерите приложението с лилавото лого в менюто на системната област, обикновено разположено в долния десен ъгъл на екрана.
Изпратете имейл на [email protected] с въпроси или попълнете формуляра по-долу
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